Amana Air Conditioner Reviews

waveamana Everyone knows what an air conditioner is and what it does. We are painfully aware of it when they miss behave and give us problems.

What we seldom think about is the history of the company that produces our air conditioner

or the technology behind it or the different features that might be incorporated into it that keeps us happy and cool on even the hottest of the summer heat and pulls the moisture out of the most annoyingly humid day. We are going to change that right now and educate you on these wonderful products and give you a new knowledge and appreciation of them.

The Amana Company

Amana is a name that is synonymous with quality. Most folks however when they hear the name of Amana think of stoves, refrigerators and microwaves which is really where the company has the better part of it’s history.

The Amana Company was started back in the year 1934 and was the brainchild of George Foerstner from the little town of Amana, Iowa who saw a need, had a great idea and decided to give the public what they wanted and needed. Just two short years later they introduced what all restraints today depend on, the walk in cooler.

Little did they know that 75 years later the Amana Company would not only be a competitor, but a leader in the industry which has diversified out to include most major appliances from Microwave to Washers and dryers and most anything in between.

Not only that, but the name continues to be one that comes to mind whenever someone thinks of a quality made product. So what, exactly does the world need to know about the offerings of the modern day Amana Company of the Midwestern United States state of Iowa? Well one thing that is a big plus in the eyes of Americans is that Amana products are still made here in the good old United States of America.

Amana Air Conditioning Overview

Seer Rating

The Amana Company offers everything from the standard builder grade or commercial air conditioner all the way up to the top of the line unit with two stage condensers units and the units offer SEER ratings from thirteen all the way up to eighteen. For those that have been living in a bubble, the SEER rating is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.

Or how well the unit works and how much it costs on average to run. The government mandates thirteen as the lowest standard. Also the units conform to the newest R-410A refrigerant requirements so they are eco-friendly as well and replace the older R-22 that is being phased out by law.

Split System

Your basic home air conditioning system will consist of several components that all function as one when the switch is turned on. This is known in the industry as a split system.

On the outside of the home is a compressor unit which sucks in the air and cools it down and sends it inside to a coil that is usually mounted somewhere above the furnace. The Outside unit sends refrigerant into the home where it is loaded down with the interior humidity and sent to the coil inside the home where the heat is moved over to the coil and is cooled. In turn this hot air is whisked to the outside of the home.

There are several advantages here in that the air in the course becomes cooler and less humid, the dirt and allergens in the air as it is pulled through the system get removed and by having the most powerful portion of the unit outside the home, things are quiet, comparatively speaking.

Heat Pump Units

There is another type of configuration which is used a lot in the warmer states called a Heat Pump, which operates much the same, but there is no actual furnace, since the majority of the time the unit is cooling and removing humidity rather than heating. These are very efficient.

Amana Air Conditioners Range

So what does Amana offer? There are several lines in addition to the Commercial unit we mentioned above.

Amana GCS Line

Amana currently offers the GCS line, the SSX line and the ASX line. While space will not allow us to give you a detailed look at all the features of the varied units, we can generalize them for you by category and give you a good feel for what you might be looking at here.

The GCS line is the more cost effective starting with the Commercial unit, which is basic unit with a five-year warranty. The next few models in the GSC Distinction line come with a Ten-year limited parts warranty and a ten-year limited compressor warranty.

Amana SSX Line

As you move into the SSX line, the warranty moves up a notch to a limited lifetime warranty, which means that as long as you are still living in the dwelling it was installed in, you get a free replacement compressor. These units also have an improved sound blanket to make them quieter than the GCS line.

Amana ASX Line

Then we move into the ASX line where things really get interesting. These START with a ten year limited warranty and anyone above the low-end model in this series is covered by the limited lifetime warranty. When you get into the sixteen and the eighteen SEER units, you get a two stage compressor which is quieted and more efficient since it only kicks in the bigger compressor when it needs to in order to cool things down.

Final Thought

Another thing that you need to decide when looking into your Amana unit is how much cool you need. TheY come in models such as one ton, two ton etc which actually refers to how much it cools and not how much it weighs.

The way to figure this out is a little complicated and you should figure on doing some research on to because this is a case where too much cool is not a good thing. You truly need to match the unit’s size to your square footage needs go you remain energy efficient and get one that works hard enough to keep things where you need them as far as temperature goes.

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