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Do you need to buy an air conditioning unit? What model do you have in mind? Will it be central air, or just a window unit for a room at home?

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home or office can be exhaustive. There are many things that need to be considered before jumping into the air conditioner market.

This about the size of the area you wish to cool. Is it a small bedroom, or a large factory size room. Determine how much space will be required to cool calculated to square footage.

There is nothing more important than arriving at this figure. Knowing the space required will enable you to select a machine that is capable.

To arrive at a formula, multiply the room's length by its width, then its height. The number will be the volume of space in this area that needs to be cooled.

Once you arrive at a correct figure then you can begin to determine what size and type of air conditioner you will need to adequately and efficiently work in that space.

Air conditioners are measured by their cooling capacities. A unit is measured in BTUs, or British Thermal Units. The higher the BTU rating a unit has, the more space it will cool. The larger a room is, the more BTUs are needed to sufficiently handle the air space.

Take care not to purchase a unit that is too small for the space you are trying to cool. The unit will over run itself trying to do a job it was not design to handle. In hot weather, the unit will never cool down the area to a comfortable level. A unit that is oversized will waste energy by over cycling itself. It is important to ensure you are shopping for a unit that meets your space requirements.

For all practical purposes, once you arrive at the volume of space that needs to be cooled, you have enough information to give to the air conditioner salesperson, or technician to determine what proper sized unit will be sufficient for your needs.

Window Units

The window type air conditioning units are one of the simplest to figure out. They fit into your window and are usually designed to cool out one or two rooms. The window models are also the most affordable. They not only save you on your wallet but most are energy efficient, saving you on your energy bill, too. They are easy to install and ready to go with a minimal set up time.

A few other positives to the Through-the-wall, or window units are they are self contained, which means they are easier to adjust for temperature control. Also, you can control the temperature to that area. Another added bonus, you have no condensation tank that needs to be emptied regularly.

A couple of disadvantages to having a window air conditioner are the noise the unit produces and the window units are not designed to handle large spaces. Some of these window air conditioners can become noisy. If you are in the market for a window unit, pay attention to the models that are available that run quieter.

When comparing different units, it is important to discern between the efficiency rating and the relative value you are shopping for.

Determining the efficiency of a unit has already been done for you. They have either been certified AHAM, Association of Home Appliances, or CSA, Canadian Standards Association. In either case, the ratings of each air conditioner have been rated for you. With efficiency ratings from "Low" to "High". The efficiency of a unit is in direct relation to how much power it will use to cool the area.

When looking at value, pay close attention to the extra features some of the units have. The more feature they have, the more money you will spend for them. It's not just the features that you will pay for either. Brand name air conditioner models also fall into the value equation.

Comparing price point to features and models can seems daunting, yet if you take the time to look at reviews, this goes far to narrow down your choices.

Central Air Units

Central air conditioners for the whole house give you a comfortable environment throughout your house that effects your entire living space. Every room of your house is cooled down from the A/C unit. Many of the homes built today already come equipped with this central air advantage.

A central air unit gives you cool air flow to every part of the home. It travels through your existing vents and air ducts reaching every room, hall and alcove.

The unit's compressor is installed outside the home and installs into the existing network of heat ducts that your furnace uses to deliver heat in the colder seasons. You control the temperature setting at the same source you would adjust your thermostat for heat. Nothing could be easier for cooling down the home.

Before buying an A/C unit, it is important to realize you will probably need assistance to determine what unit will be the best choice to service you home efficiently.

Contacting a qualified A/C technician is not just a good idea, it is recommended. A technician will be able to evaluate the house to determine what size and model is needed to run efficiently in your home.

The down side to central air is, it is not cheap. You are cooling the entire home. You will pay for this luxury. Pay close attention to efficiency ratings and brand models while shopping. Check consumer reviews before making a choice. offers more information on residential air conditioning unit efficiency.

Portable Units

There are portable units on the market today. They are inexpensive with no installation is required. You simply carry them to the room you wish to cool. They work best in single room areas and have venting systems that drop out the window.

The portable units are noisy and are designed to add temporary relief in very small areas. They are not effective in large areas at all. provides good sizing advice and can help you and your hvac contractor to arrive at the best air conditioning system sized properly for your home.

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