Emerson Quiet Kool 6GC53

by Chris
(Westfield, NJ USA)

For as long as I can remember, I've owned an Emerson Quiet Kool air conditioner. It's a through-the-window model, and though it's getting on in years, it has served me well. To start off, let me just mention some basic specs of the model.

It's a 6000 BTU air conditioner, with three different fan speeds. All of the controls are manual. Where I live, power outages do occasionally still occur, and if I'm not away, I don't want to have to worry about my air conditioner not turning back on when the power comes back on (As I worry about with my newer digital models).

This unit is very quiet, even when it's actively cooling the room I have it in. It isn't silent, of course, but that comes with the in-the-window form factor. The vents on this air conditioner are very adjustable, and I've set them to opposite directions to cool the room as efficiently as possible.

The unit very effectively cools the air, and I can't bear to set it on the coldest setting - I did once and it was frigid when I woke up the next morning.

Design-wise, the unit is pleasing. The front grille has an off-white louvered appearance that accents the frame of my windows. The expansion folds to seal the unit in the window are a bit frail, however. Over the time I've owned it, I've had to patch them with bits of duct tape, however these parts are high-abuse, so it's understandable that they eventually need replacement or patching.

Overall, this air conditioner has provided me years of dependable service, and while it's probably not the most efficient unit in the world, its analog controls allow more precise control of the settings I desire.

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Jun 23, 2011
by: karen mcmillan

My brother passed away I have his EMERSON QUIET KOOL . Seral# EP967319 150E Modewl# 10MW12K REV-C . would like to know what the BTU is? I can not find the BTU HELP please.

Aug 31, 2010
by: Bill

Sounds as though Emerson made a good A/C to bad they sold out to Fedder in 1993.
I inherited a Emerson Quiet Kool window unit but don't know what the BTU's are or what the model number is because there is not name tag as was noted by the last comments I read.. It expanse to a window opening of 36", 13 1/2" H & 16 1/2" deep. If anyone know what model or BTU this unit has I would appreciate hearing from you before I install it.


Aug 12, 2010
is it the samne as mine?
by: Anonymous

i think that is what my Mom has and the adjustable side vents need replaced. what does yours look like?

Jul 31, 2010
50 years and still going strong
by: dick

I have an emerson quiet kool window unit that my parents purchased in 1960! it is 50 years old and it still works. I remember it in our old house from when I was a kid. I inherited it around 1979 and used it extensively in my first house. I now have a more modern house with central a/c and this unit has been in the attic for about 7 years now. the other day I turned it on just to see if it would work, and lo and behold it started right up and was blowing cold air in about 2 minutes. it had to be about 110 degrees in that attic but this little guy took right off. what a well built product. my hat is off to emerson co.

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