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Frigidaire AC Reviews
Frigidaire air conditioners overview
A side by side overview of the window air conditioners frigidaire offer.

Comparing Frigidaire air conditioners A comparison of three models 8000 BPU, 10 000 BPU and 12 000 BPU

Frigidaire 5,000 BTU
The FAX052P7 is one of the smallest air conditioners produced by Frigidaire suitable for a small size room of up to 150 sq. ft

Frigidaire 5,200 BTU
The popular FAA055P7A is a high-efficiency, budget air conditioner which is easily installed.

Frigidaire 6,000 BTU
The FAA065P7 is a through the window Room Air Conditioner suitable for rooms upto 216 square feet.

Frigidaire 8,000 BTU
The highly rated and powerful FAA085P7A is suitable for rooms upto 350 sq.ft.

Frigidaire 10,000 BTU Compact II
The FAC104P1A is feature packed and suitable for rooms upto 490 square feet.

Frigidaire 10,000 BTU
The FAC106P1A comes highly recommended by independent consumers. The cooling capacity is 8.4 and it comes with an added dehumidifier and air purifier.

Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Compact II
The FAC125P1A cools rooms of up to 640 sq.ft, eight way direction airflow with nice features.

Frigidaire 12,000 BPU
The FAC124P1A differes from the above model (FAC125P1A) by having no energy star.

Fridgidaire 14,000 BTU
The FAH146Q2T is for large rooms or commercial spaces (640 square feet) and is NOT suitable for window mounting.

Frigidaire 25,000 BTU
The FAS256R2A is a heavy-duty, window mounted air conditioner suitable for spaces upto 1,670 square feet. It also has a heating capacity of 16,000 BTU.

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Frigidaire FAA085P7A Compact Room Air Conditioner

Very efficient and cost effective unit

This 8,000 BTU window air conditioner is a good unit which work quickly and efficiently and is ideal for cooling a room as large as 350 sq.ft.

With a high Energy Efficiency Ratio(EER) of 9.8, this ENERGY STAR complaint air conditioner provides great value for money by cutting down the fuel costs of your energy bill.

This unit was rated in ?Consumer Reports? as one of its "Best Buys" in June 2006 and continues to receive outstanding customer ratings - providing high quality efficiency and great cooling properties.

Combine its easy-to-use electronic touch-pad with the invaluable full-function, hand-held remote and you have finger-tip control of its many useful features and functions, which include:-Energy Save Function; Sleep Mode; Auto Cool Function and a 24 hour Timer.

Other practical features include an 8-way air direction control; cabinet louvers; clean air ionizer filter; dehumidification functionality; pleated quick-mount window mounting kit and low voltage start-up compensator.

Check out the full specification in the section entitled, ‘Manufactures Guide at a Glance, while list of customer comments, both pros and cons, can be seen in the section entitled Consumer Summary Points.

As with most A/C this one certainly does produce some significant and unacceptable noise, especially when running on fast fan and maximum cooling.

This has generally been the main area of discontent with certain customers, who otherwise areverysatisfied with the many features and its excellent cooling record of this unit.


The unit comes complete with the standard Quick-Mount Window Mounting Kit together with some pretty straight forward and easy to follow instructions.

Customers’ comments range from ‘easy to install’ to ‘hard to install.’ But overallFrigidaire air conditioning units have a reputation of being reasonably straightforward to mount – butthose lacking confidence in ‘do-it-yourself’ skills, may prefer to seek professional assistance or advice.

At 61 pounds this unit can be lifted and carried by one individual but it is always recommended that there should be a second person on hand to assist in the moving and handling, during the installation process.

Cooling Efficiency

This Frigidaire unit, has received some very favorable efficiency ratings from independent customer reviews, as well as being awarded one of ‘the Consumer Reports’ – “Best Buys” labels.

The high EER rating of 9.7BTU’s itsENERGY STAR compliant status similarly identifies this air conditioner as a very cost-effective and energy efficient unit.

There are even some customers who, even though they are far from complimentary about the noises this unit produces, give high praise for the “AWESOME” cooling qualities of this product.

This unit also has a number of specific energy efficient functions, which can be selected by means of the electronic control pad or the remote control, including an Energy Saver Mode and a Sleep Mode.

It must also be remembered that regular cleaning of the filter also contributes to increased efficiency.

Manufactures Guide at a Glance

Controls and Settings

The controls of this air conditioner are ELECTRONIC, which are generally the preferred option of most customers over manual controls.

Both the TOUCH PAD control and the full-function REMOTE control can be used separately to operate the unit, or these two control options can be combined, to makeprogramming selections and adjustment of features very simple and convenient.

Both the Electronic Control Touch Pad and Full-FunctionHand-Held Remote Control are clearly labeled with both words and easily recognizable icons. And in addition, the touch pad has a series of little lights to indicate which feature or which mode is in use.

A Digital Display Panel on the touch pad,displays the fan speed as well as the temperature and time.

The 8-way airflow directional option is not on the main control pad but is adjusted by means of a Mechanical Rotary Control on the unit. This is achieved by rotating auger wheels (left/right) AND moving the swing louvers (up/down).

The Variable Speed Fan has three main modes:- cool, energy saver and fan only, which are easily adjusted from the touchpad or remote controls.

The Cool Mode runs at the temperature selected.

The Energy Saving Mode is a pre-selected temperature and is a great energy saver. When the selected temperature is reached the unit maintains it by turning the fanoff and then back on again.

The Fan OnlyMode circulates air in order to exhaust any stale air.

A 24 Hour Start/Stop - On/Off Timer can delay the start time from up the 24 hours or can be used to program the unit to start at a specific time.

Selecting the automatically pre-programmed Sleep Mode ensures a cool night’s rest with the added bonus of keeping costs low.

Similarly the Energy Saving Mode is designed to maintain a cool atmosphere while keeping running costs down.

Excess moisture in the air is effectively removed by means of the Dehumidifier Functionality, which improve both room comfortand energy efficiency. About one and a half pints of moisture can be removed per hour.

Particles of dust and pollen are removed from the airby means of the Ionizer/Electrostatic Clean Air Filtration system – giving relief to allergy sufferers and those who have other respiratory ailment.

Low Voltage Compensation (LVC) is technology that ensures the proper, safe operation of the unit should there be any voltage fluctuations, especially at the start-up of the unit.

Sounds and Noise

As with all models and makes of air conditioners, there is a range of sounds, which are part of the normal running operations. Sometimes, customers complain of noise, while other do not find them too obtrusive!

Frigidaire identifies its own unique range of sounds in all their Use and Care Manuals.

Sounds associated with Frigidaire are:-

Gurgle/Hiss Refrigerant passing through the evaporator causes a gurgle/ hiss during normal operation

Rushing Air The movement of the fan in everyday operation causes a sound like rushing air.

High Pitched Chatter The compressor’s cooling cycle causes a high pitched chattering sound.

Pinging / Swishing Whendroplets of water hit condenser during normal operation a pinging or swishing noise is often heard.

Vibration Poor wall or window construction or incorrect installation may result in the unit vibrating.

Air Filters

This unit comes with a very convenient easy access, ionizing clean air tilt-out filter that makes cleaning and replacing the filter very simple. The great advantage of this function is that this removes unwanted dust particles from the air as well asneutralizing unpleasant odors, leaving a cleaner, safer and pleasanter environment.

Clean air filtration, with both negative ion generators and electrostatic filter elements helps to reduce allergens in the air– giving relief to those with allergies and breathing difficulties.

Another important function of this unit is the dehumidification function, which removes up to 2.1 pints of excess moisture from the air, thus adding to ones health and comfort.

Consumer Summary Points


  • Auto temp mode is a good energy saver

  • Dehumidifier & the "clean air" function are wonderful

  • Excellentpurchase

  • Fast and efficient cooling

  • Good number of functions on digital control panel

  • Good for a room under 25 X 20

  • Great feature-being able to set a specific temperature - and it maintains it

  • Great feature is the variable speed fan- from 10 to 100

  • Many good settings including fan speed

  • Remote control is really handy

  • So effective ? no need to turn it below 74 degrees

  • Temp settings are very accurate

  • Wide variety of settings

Customer Cons

  • Difficult to read book/ watch TV /play music when unit is switched on

  • FAR too loud, especiallyin a bedroom

  • It can be a hazard as things can become trapped in theA/C

  • Not easy to install

  • Noisy unit, especiallyon higher / cooler settings

Additional Information

One curious thing about this model of air conditioner is that, although it is being sold and promoted by a number of retailers, it is nowhere to be found on the Frigidaire website.

Height 12.5 in.
Width 18.5 in.
Depth 15.5 in.
Weight 61 pounds
. .

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