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Frigidaire AC Reviews
Frigidaire air conditioners overview
A side by side overview of the window air conditioners frigidaire offer.

Comparing Frigidaire air conditioners A comparison of three models 8000 BPU, 10 000 BPU and 12 000 BPU

Frigidaire 5,000 BTU
The FAX052P7 is one of the smallest air conditioners produced by Frigidaire suitable for a small size room of up to 150 sq. ft

Frigidaire 5,200 BTU
The popular FAA055P7A is a high-efficiency, budget air conditioner which is easily installed.

Frigidaire 6,000 BTU
The FAA065P7 is a through the window Room Air Conditioner suitable for rooms upto 216 square feet.

Frigidaire 8,000 BTU
The highly rated and powerful FAA085P7A is suitable for rooms upto 350 sq.ft.

Frigidaire 10,000 BTU Compact II
The FAC104P1A is feature packed and suitable for rooms upto 490 square feet.

Frigidaire 10,000 BTU
The FAC106P1A comes highly recommended by independent consumers. The cooling capacity is 8.4 and it comes with an added dehumidifier and air purifier.

Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Compact II
The FAC125P1A cools rooms of up to 640 sq.ft, eight way direction airflow with nice features.

Frigidaire 12,000 BPU
The FAC124P1A differes from the above model (FAC125P1A) by having no energy star.

Fridgidaire 14,000 BTU
The FAH146Q2T is for large rooms or commercial spaces (640 square feet) and is NOT suitable for window mounting.

Frigidaire 25,000 BTU
The FAS256R2A is a heavy-duty, window mounted air conditioner suitable for spaces upto 1,670 square feet. It also has a heating capacity of 16,000 BTU.

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Frigidaire FAX052P7 Room Air Conditioner

5,000-BTU Window Mounted with Mechanical Rotary Controls

This review is short, as it is mainly based on the Manufacturer?s specification and only includes very limited input from customer comments, as very few are currently available.

One of the Frigidaire?s Compact range ofsmall A/Cs this unit has a Cooling Capacity or 5,000 BTUs and a good Energy Efficiency Ratioof 9.7 EER but it does NOT have Energy Star compliance.

This small and low cost unit has limited features, a full list of which can be viewed in the Manufactures Features at a Glance.

Features include:-Mechanical Rotary Controls; 2-Way Air Direction Control; 2 Fan Speed; Mesh Filter with Slide-Out Access and Pleated Quick Mount Window Mounting Kit


Installation preparation,instructions and advice are clearly written and accompanied by a useful set of photographs, which gives an overview of the entire installation process.

The unit comes with a Pleated Quick Mount Window Mounting Kit and is designed to be installed in a Standard, Double Hung Window

Manufactures Features at a Glance


Airflow Direction Air directional louvers control the airflow direction giving 2-Way Air Directional Control, (left or right) by means of an auger wheel.

Controls (Mechanical) The unit is operated by two mechanically controlled knobs. There is a temperature knob and a cooling knob, which are rotated to select the preferred option.

Temperature Knob The temperature knob is thermostatically controlled and has settings from 1 - 7 (min/cool - max/cool). The temperature knob only functions when the cooling knob is selected to COOL .

Cooling Knob The cooling knob has two modes – a Fan Mode and a Cool Mode. This gives 4 settings Hi-Fan / Lo-Fan and Hi-Cool /Lo-Cool.

Fan Mode The fan mode, with its two speed settings - Hi-Fan / Lo-Fan, is only used to circulate un-cooled or stale air and is not used in conjunction with the temperature knob

Cool Mode The cool mode two ‘cool’ settings - Hi-Cool /Lo-Cool, are used in conjunction with the temperature knob to extend the range of cooling choice.


You will find a section in the User and Care Manual outlining the normal sounds. This can be downloaded in PDF format at Frigidaire FAXO52P7A User Manual

Frigidaire sounds:-

A Gurgle / Hiss is caused by refrigerant passing through the evaporator.

The Sound of Rushing Air is heard at the front of the unit and is caused by the fan moving the air.

A High-Pitched Chatter mayoccur during the cooling cycle resulting from droplets of water falling onto the condenser.

A Pinging or Swishing sound isdue to droplets of water hitting condenser during normal operation.

A Vibration or Noiseis most likely to be linked to poor wall or window construction or incorrect installation

Care and Cleaning

In the User and Care Manual there is a useful section outlining the main point about Air Filter Cleaning, Cabinet Cleaning and Winter Storage.

The Rigid Mesh Filter is Washable, with a Slide-out Filter Access to make cleaning easy.

Consumer Summary Points


  • A good air conditionerfor the price

  • Cools the full room

  • Energy efficient model

  • Temperature controls are accurate

Customer Cons

  • Problem with installation

Additional Information

Height 11-2/5 inches
Width 15-1/2 inches
Depth 12 inches
Weight 40 lbs
. .

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