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Haier 5,200 BTU
The HWF05XC6 (Mechanical Control Series) comes with useful features and is for the smaller room or studio of 144 sq feet or less

Haier 5,200 BTU window mounted
The value HWF05XC7 is a small, low-priced mechanically operated air conditioner ideal for the smaller size room, office or family den.

Haier 5,200 BTU (electronic control series)
The BTUHWR05XC6 is small, light and very low-priced electronically controlled A/C is effective, especially when used in small, ‘low-traffic’ rooms.

Haier HWR06XC6 Electronic Series 6,000 BTU
The HWR06XC6 has good Energy Efficiency Ratio of 9.7 (EER) this popular electronic unit is ideal for rooms between 150–250 sq ft

Eco Conditioner 6,000 BTU
The Paragon (ESAD4066) is a newly developed, revolutionary environmentally friendly air conditioner, which is the first of a new, Eco-Conditioner™ Series, with a cooling capacity of 6,000-BTUs.

Haier 7,800 BTU (Energy Star Series)
The ESA3087 is described as having ‘Ultra-Quiet Operation ‘ some useful features include a 24-Hour On/Off Timer; 3 Cool Settings, 3 Fan Settings; Digital Time & Temperature Display

Haier 8,000 BTU (casement and slider series)
With a cooling capacity of 8,000-BTUs this HWV08XC5 air conditioner in the window-mounted Casement & Slider Series has a good Energy Efficiency Ratio of 9.5

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Haier HWF05XC7 Air Conditioner
5200 BTU

Mechanical Control Series Window Mounted Room AC

The very low cost of this mechanically operated unit is one of its most attractive selling points, along with its multiple thermostat cooling settings and choice of fan speeds.

This unit works fairly efficiently, and with a cooling output of 5,200 BTUs, it is ideal for the small to medium sided room / studio measuring around 150sq.ft.

There seem to be some conflicting opinions about the noise created by this unit. Described by one supplier as having as Ultra-Quiet Operation?, the noise factor appears to be one of the main customers criticisms, especially when functioning on its coolest thermostat setting or highest fan speed. For more information see section on Sounds and Noise.

The installation instructions have been described as a little difficult to follow but for those working on a tight budget, the reasonable price of this unit certainly makes up for this deficit and is worth serious consideration.

The manual thermostat, on the easy-to use mechanically operated control panel, comes with 10 settings. There are also 2 cooling fan speeds in addition to a fan-only option, for air circulation only, as well as a useful 2-way directional airflow louver.

Take a look at the section called “Manufacturers Features at a Glance,” which outlines many of its functions, specifications and features (or lack of them!)


As advertised in the Haier User Manual, this particular unit is called a “Room Air Conditioner.” The same manual also states that it is “designed to fit into double or single hung sash-type windows” - (i.e. movable top and bottom window frames), and instructions given are ONLY for this type of window installation.

It is, however advertised elsewhere, as a ‘thru-the WALL/window’ unit, although NO instructions are given about wall installation - so care should be taken when considering a purchase.

The unit comes with a ‘curtain install kit’, which contains all the necessary parts, to install it properly. The instructions also gives a useful list of all the additional tools that will be needed, which could help to avoid an unnecessary interruption, during installation.

Parts of the installation instructions are very clear and easy to understand while other sections may be considered rather vague and somewhat difficult to follow, especially for the novice.


This unit has aEER rating of 9.7 but is notENERGY STAR®compliant.

The EER rating stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio and the grading identifies how efficiently the A/C turns electricity into cooling.

The higher the EER rating, the more efficient is the unit

A rating of 9.7 is edging towards the higher end of the efficiency continuum – so combined with the low cost of this unit, causes this unit tobe worth serious consideration - especially for use in a small, north facing room or an office, where the door is not opened and shut too often.

Haier HWF05XC7 Room Air Conditioner Manufacturer Features at a Glance


  • 2-Way Airflow Direction

  • All Top-Discharge Airflow Pattern

  • Cooling Capacity:- 5200 BTUs

  • Control:- Mechanical / Carry-over

  • Delay Start Option (up to 12 hours)

  • Easy-to-Install Mounting Kit

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio 9.7 EER

  • Enviro-Clean™ Coil (Hydrophilic Resin-Coated Indoor Coil) (prevents mold and corrosion inside the machine)

  • 2 Cool Settings, 2 Fan Settings

  • Filter :- Easy-Access / Washable / Permanent Mesh

  • "Quick-Snap" Window Curtain Install Kit)

  • Safety Power Cord to Protect Children

  • Ultra-Quiet Operation

  • Thermostat with 10 Positions

  • Type of Installation:- Window


  • No Auto Fan

  • No Shut Off Timer
  • Not ENERGY STAR® Compliant

  • No Energy Saver Feature
  • No Condensate Drain

  • No Room Refresh
    No Dehumidifier Function
    No Remote Control
    One Color Only - White

Control Panel

This A/C has almost identical general specifications found in the similar the sized Haier HWF05XC6model.

Itis a mechanically operated unit, as is reflected in the design of the control panel. This unit is operatedby means of a number of knobs or switches on the control panel. It has NO electronic remote control.

For those who balk at electronically operated systems this is the ideal alternative. A simple on/off switch turns the power on before you select any other switches and then switches it off again.

The mechanically operated ‘temperature set’ knob and the ‘mode set’ switch are described in more detail in the following section. It has11 settings on the thermostat - 10 are cooling settings(which range from number 1 (minimum cool) to number 10 (maximum cool).

An additional, eleventh option on the thermostat knob, is a ‘fan only’ setting.

Every setting on the thermostat knob has a two-speed fan option. This is activated by the SPEED switch. The two options are HI speed and LOW speed. The two-speed fan speed effectively doubles –up the thermostat and fan only option of the thermostat knob – as each setting has two fan speed options.

Fan Speeds and Cooling Capacity

The unit has a two-speed fan - ‘hi’ and ‘low’,which is controlled by a ‘mode set’ switch on the control panel. This two-fan speed is used for cooling purposes.

There is also a ‘fan-only’ function, which is used to circulate the air without cooling it first.

The cooling capacity for this model is 5,200BTUs, and works well for a medium to small size room.

An adjustable ‘temperature set’ knob on the unit’s control panel, gives a choice of cooling settings, numbered from 1 to 10 - the higher the setting the cooler the temperature.

Cooling can also be speeded up by switching on the ‘hi’ fan speed.

Days that are hot and humid have a tendency to cause the unit to work less efficiently.

A reduction of cooling efficiency may also happen if the air filer needs to be cleaned (see section below on Air Filters), or if the room is a ‘high traffic’ zone, causing cooled air to escape through open doors.

*Note – a useful website which helps to calculate the size of A/C required, can be found at:- Calculate AC Size

2-Way Air Flow

As well as the2-speed fan the unit has the choice of a 2-way directional airflow, provided through a set of louvers, at the top of the unit.

The airflow louvers allow the cooled airflow to be directedto the right or left side of the room, for most beneficial circulation.

Normal OperatingSounds

As with most if not all models, this A/C produces a wide range of sounds and noises that are connected with the normal running operation of the unit, such as the airflow movement, which is due to fan speed.

As the thermostat switches on and off it makes loud clicks.

Some rushing sounds can be heard as refrigerant flows through inner sealed tubing.

Water sound can be detected due to water falling on the condenser, and when the compressor is running it is accompanied by high pitch sounds.

Should one hear rattling sounds or notice some vibrating, the most likely cause is poor installation.

In reviewing this make and model of A/C it appears that the noises produced can be a little difficult to live with compared with some other makes or brands, and may cause annoyance to some customers. Others users, however are prepared to put up with a few extraneous noises in consideration of its very reasonable price of the unit.

Air Filters

The air filters, (which are placed just below the two-way directional air-flow louvers) with their permanent mesh and coated indoor coil, are easy to access and have identical filter specifications to a number of other Haier A/C models.

The washable filter is simple to locate and remove, making the typically difficult task of cleaning and maintenance fairly simple.

The filter is a hydrophilic resin-coated indoor coil which helpsprevents Mold and corrosion inside the machine

General Warranty

There is a one-year warranty on labor and parts.

There is however conflicting warranty period for this compressor.

The User Manual states “the sealed system and compressor contained in this Haier product is for a period of 1 years, from the date of purchase”. Howevera 5 year warranty is offered by certain retailers of this same model. It would certainly be wise to confirm details of the compressor’s warranty period before making a purchase.

Summary Points

Haier HWF05XC7 Room Air Conditioner Consumer Pros

  • Compact andquite economical

  • Cools smaller rooms ok

  • Good value and low-priced unit

  • Nice mechanical controls which are easy to use

  • Smooth running unit

  • Useful safety power cord with children

Haier HWF05XC7 Room Air Conditioner Consumer Cons

  • Bit too noisy - especially water noises

  • Do not consider this very energy efficient

  • Ice can formed on the coils at night.

  • Installation instruction are not too easy to follow

Additional Information

Height 11 5/32 inches
Width 17 9/32 inches
Depth 12 27/32 inches Depth 7-9/32 inch
Weight 38.6 lbs
5200 BPU
. .

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