Haier HPR09XH7

by Jemmer Pablo
(San Jose, CA)

I bought this sleek portable air conditioner and heater Haier HPR09XH7 from amazon.com and really is a cool gizmo to have. The portability just simply makes things easier as I can move it anywhere in my bedroom whenever I get bored and wants to re-position furniture from time to time.

I bought it for 399.99 US dollars and got a free shipping in fact, it arrived just after one day! It was one of the last stocks and so I grabbed it before anyone does and never really regret buying it on a rush.

I only have a built in heater in my room and my parents always complain on gas expenditures so now with this sleeky thing in my room, she no longer gets to complain. I do not complain also because now during summer days, my room seems to invite me to bed every time as it is cool and cozy because of Haier.

Its got many goodies on it too like air flow volume, safety approvals from UL and CUL, 9000 btus cooling power and 6,200 btus heating power. It’s about 17 inches wide and 34 inches tall. Comes with white back panel, white front panel and the control panels is metallic.

It is energy efficient with EER, features a 2 way air direction and has a dehumidifying function. You can also delay start in 12 hours so you do not have to worry turning it on before you sleep or any time you wish it turned on.

The digital temperature display is very clear and also includes a 24 hour timer control. The remote control of course make it a lot easier to operate. The advance filter method also releases clean air and also easy to replace should time comes it needs a replacement.

The warranty is five years so it should be very reasonable.

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