Holmes HAP8650-U 99.97% HEPA Allergen Remover for Large Rooms

I did extensive research on several air purifiers before purchasing the Holmes HEPA allergen remover for large rooms. We are on a limited budget and the price of $119.00 fit into it perfectly. We have been using it for about 30 days and I noticed an improvement in the air quality the first day. With 4 children and 3 dogs there is constant activity in our household. The air quality in our living room is much better. The “dog” smell is gone and dust is now minimal in the house.

I will be purchasing another Holmes 99.97% HEPA allergen remover for large rooms Model No.: HAP8650-U, for our upstairs hallway to give the bedrooms cleaner odor free air quality. We run the air purifier on high while we are at work as the noise level on high can be distracting, but not too much so, and turn it down to medium high when we are using the room. My only real complaint is the cost of the filters, 6 are needed: 3 carbons and 3 HEPA. Thirty days into using it the filter light is still green, we are waiting to see how often a filter change will be required. I regularly vacuum the front of the filter with the soft brush attachment of my vacuum cleaner to help extend filter life. All in all I would recommend this air purifier for your home or office. The purchase price is reasonable the air quality and odor improvement is fantastic.

- Air quality and odor control is great
- Reasonable Original Purchase Price

- A little noisy on High Filter
- Replacement Costs

Rating 4 out of 5

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