Pureflow Air Treatment System (from the Amway Catalog)

by MsZ
(Miami, FL but temporarily in Brazil)

The Pureflow Air Treatment System was the best air filter I ever had My house was in the woods and I had a dog. Both of those things mean: lots of allergens around.

However, I never felt I was coming down with an allergy, never even felt my nose itching! When I arrived from work my house was smelling fresh and clean, even though hubby and I were smokers at that time. Pureflow system had five filters, one finer than the other. They are activated carbon filters.

The air flows from one filter to the next, each filter finer than the previous one. The last filter in which the air goes through is made the same way and of the same material as those found in air filters in hospital operating rooms.

The controls were easy to use and to program and it also had four pre-set programs if you don’t want to bother with programming your own. The motor that makes the suction of air and the pump that eases the flow of air outwards are very quiet.

Even the flow of air itself is quiet, given the high gloss plastic used in intake grill. The external appearance of the whole unit is also very attractive: it’s a dark wood finish that can blend in nicely with any décor.

I wish I still had my Pureflow but I am now living in another country and I could not bring it with me. If a used unit is worth buying if you can find one.

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