Trane XL16c Gas Electric Packaged System

I purchased this system in October 2008 to replace a 24 year old Carrier package system. There was nothing wrong with the Carrier except that it was old, used a lot of energy, and we were expecting our first child so we worried about it dying in the middle of summer with a newborn child in the house.

So we went down to Home Depot and purchased this Trane system from their HVAC contractor. We were going to go back to a Carrier but we were impressed that Trane was still fully manufactured in the United States and Carrier was in Mexico. So we went with the Trane because of price and to support the US.

The contractors came and installed this system. That's when things started to go downhill. It took them most of the day to get the old system out and the new system in. By the time, it came time to test the system, the shield around the fan kept hitting against the fan so they had to rush to their warehouse to get another one. It was 45 minutes away. They got back to the house about 9 that evening to finish fixing a "brand new" system.

We should have never had this problem to begin with. The system was working well until this past month (June 2009). The system began to lag in the cooling of the house and we have our 3 month old daughter in the house now. The system completely stopped cooling one night at almost midnight so finding a technician to come out on an emergency call was almost impossible.

Finally when we did get a technician out there we found out that there were 2 cooper pipes that had rubbed together so much during the vibrations of the system that they fused together. When the technician opened up the system, the cooper pipes came apart and it caused a huge Freon leak in the system. The unit had been leaking freon for quite a while because it had absolutely nothing in it. The orphis valve had to be replaced as well. We still haven't had it fixed because the valve which has been said that it often goes out can't be found anywhere locally.

So we are stuck paying money to spend nights in the hotel because of a 8 month old air conditioning system that shouldn't be having any problems to it whatsoever. I would not recommend this unit or company to anyone at this time.

- price
- made in US

- technical problems from the start
- completely stopped working

1 out of 5

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